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ADDRESS---- Dee Jarosz-1564 County Road R- Ames, Ne. 68621--Phone #402-721-9741 --  Email-  deezlabs@hotmail.com   



NEW PICTURE UPDATE-Wednesday, April 27th. ALSO, will have 4 litters coming up, will have all three colors arriving. CONTACT ME FOR ALL LITTERS TO BE BORN.     Litter #1 was born April 22nd, it is CHOCOLATE, all those pups are sold. It is with my daughters dog, CoCo and the sire is Tex, those pups are at her house. Litter #2 will be Black, it is with my dog Ammo and the sire is Scanner. They were born Friday April 28th, update on Sunday.  Litter #3, will be  BLACK and CHOCOLATE pups, it is with Jaeger(my friend Melissa's  black female, and the pups will beorn born at her house) and the sire is Tex, they are due around June 4th. AND, Litter #4 is with Lexie and Scanner, it will be a BLACK and YELLOW litter. They are due around June 4th. YELLOW LITTER-Shamoo and Scotty had 7 pups born April 4th,  ALL SOLD. Allie and Scanner have 9 YELLOW pups born March 14th. All Sold.    Please Email with any questions, it is very hard for me to return phone calls.   THANKS.


Located Northwest of Fremont, Nebraska, I have been breeding AKC Registered Labrador Retrievers since 1980. My aim is to breed for an  easy to train dog that loves to hunt, is good looking, healthy and a great family dog. I  breed yellow, chocolate and blacks.  I have a written hip and eye guarantee on the puppies.   I have competed in hunt tests and field trials and my son takes them pheasant hunting. Some dogs that I've produced  run in Field Trials, and are Master, Senior and Junior Hunt test titled dogs and now Dock Jumping and some have gone to Antler hunting. I've also had several drug, search and rescue, therapy, and agility dogs. but many of my dogs are just for the family pet.  Many of my customers are repeat buyers or referred from others who have dogs from me.

Libby-Winning Dock Jumping-more in testamonials
Libby is a Max and Checkers Pup And Is Allie's Sister


Belle and Yogi and Suzi-M0 pup, April 2010

Allie/Scanner pups-5 weeks old
Shamoo/Scotty pups-12 days old

Belle's Sire-Master Hunter "Ty"

Austin and Sally-Gma to Tizzy-2010
Sally deceased 2012