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The pup below Is out of Suzi and Mo

 Dee, It was really great to chat with you and letting me come out for several weeks to watch my new pup Jenny grow and evolve with her litter mates. Now that I have her home and at only 9weeks old I could'nt be happier. Dee as you know I have been around labs my whole life of 54 years. It is truly wonderful that I have finally found someone (and there certainly isnt many) that breeds the standard or traditional lab that really LOOKS like a lab. This pup has the tempermant of the old type lab that I remember, Great temperment,looks and that good looking "Otter tail"that the labs are suppose to have. At 9 weeks I alread have her sitting, staying, coming on command as well as retrieving straight in. I also have her about 80% house broken using the crate. Keep up the great work at producing what I call the traditional lab.
Don Laudenklos

Tank(Belle-Yogi 2008 pup)

Hi denise, you will not believe me if i didn't see it myself. tank is a relative of our devoted dog thor. he has the same small amout of yellow in his tail as thor had. i looked at thor's pedigree and pachanga magnum force was thor's grandpa. thor's papa was pachanga magnum kodi jh and his mother was lucy cocoa lee tsn. i think god guided me to you to get one of your pups. here is a pic of our tank for you. we really are loving that pup. he is one smart dog.


Sarge (Belle's brother out of Ty/Windy)

Shawns dog from Nebraska

Loki (out of Suzi and Max)


Attached is a picture of Loki after finishing the first two passes of his started hunt test this weekend.  He looked great out there and we plan on finishing his started titile at the test during the first weekend of May.  We will update you when he completes it.



 (This dog is out of Susie/Max litter fall of 2008)

Belle & Yogi pup (year old in picture taken 5-09)

I have a dog out of yogi that is almost 5 months old and does double retrieves in water and very energetic and easy to train.