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Briggs-winter 2011

I got Briggs from you back in July and Max and Checkers Litter--He has been a family great dog and also has a great nose for pheasants. He absolutely loves water and kids. I attached some pictures that i have.
 Just wanted to Thank You and I would recommend your Dogs to anyone!
 Kyle   Pictures of Briggs above.

The following is from Tim, he has a yellow female out of Mally and Tank. Hew wrote this Feb 2, 2011. Picture of Baylee above.

I wanted to send you a note regarding Baylee. We picked up Baylee on 01/01/2009 and have been blown away ever since. Her mom is Mally and her dad is Tank. She is currently 85 pounds and she is as strong as an ox. We took her to Pheasant Bonanza in March of 2009 to hang out and she found a planted pheasant in high brush. We are primarily duck hunters but we do a little pheasant hunting when we get time. She has a nose on her that will rival any seasoned dog. She works well in the fields, out of a boat, on ice, etc... She has been reacting well to hand signals since last summer and has thoroughly impressed everyone we have taken hunting. One of my buddies keeps telling me that he cannot believe she is only two. She is so quiet in the blind and will just sit patiently waiting for the ducks to come. She listens very well and just flat out finds the birds. We hunted a public marsh and we had a teal go down in the high grass after being hit. I was confident that bird was in one area yet Baylee got downwind and proved to me that you need to trust her nose. I just cannot thank you enough for her. She is perfect and we will be back for sure.

I wrote and asked Tim if he was OK with me putting this on my website and he responded:

By all means, please do. She is the best dog we have ever seen. She is so calm in the blind and by buddies at Pheasant Bonanza were very impressed with her even when she was a pup. We took her there in the end of March of 09 so she was only five months old. We planted four birds in a 100 yard secion and she found three of them. We than sent my buddies 3 year old ( who is a competition dog) to find the fourth and he could not locate it either. It had to have left the section. Thank you so much for this dog. Mally and Tank make phenomenal pups.  Tim

The following is about a Tigger/Mo pup born 2010. Picture above. Chocolate male pup. 

Thought you might like to see how Bailey has grown and disciplined. I did pop him on the nose when he mouthed me and guess what, he hasn't done it since. Good advice! He is getting to be a nice dog and gets along well with Booker, my 10 year old CL male. They play constantly in the back yard and have been good hunting partners. I shot the starting pistol over him several times already with no response.  That's a good thing. Enjoy the picture.


 The following was wrote Dec, 2010 about a Mally ant Tank pup. Picutre above

My name is Pat and I got KaRa from you Dec 26, 2008, she is from Tank and Mally. Saturday she took part in the APDT trial at Bonefide Dog Academy and she was able to take 3rd place. In all three trials. She scored a 195 in Trial 1, 197 in Trial 2 and finally 192 in Trial 3. Because this is her first trial and she scored more than 190 points in three different trials, APDT awards her a certificate of excellence. Her full name is Deez Kara Noel KoKo. I just thought that you might like to see her and learn of her accomplishment. Currently she is training in agility and flyball as well as the next level of Rally.

Have a very Merry Christmas.


The next two accounts are about Scout, he is out of a Cora and Mo litter summer of 2010. His owner writes the following.

Here is a picture of my old dog Jake and Scout sitting in the blind this year.

Joe also sent a Video, that I have on the video links (takes forever) of Scout at 5 months, which would have been November, 2010, he also writes:

Scout was 5 months old at the time of the video. 45 pounds. I have never had a pup that young that has that much desire.


Wrote Nov 2010 about a SUZIE/MO pup born 2009


I just wanted to thank you first of all for having such great dogs. My wife and I bought a yellow female from you last September from your SUZIE/MO litter that you had at the time. We named her Akita, which means great hunter, and she's turned out to be just that. I was very leery about buying a dog without having been around the parents first because that was how my dad had always gotten our dogs before and with this being my first dog, I wanted to make sure she was going to have good hunting instincts. My wife had actually found out about your dogs by finding you online and since we lived in Lincoln I figured we could go and take a look. After reading the testimonials from people before that had bought your dogs it seemed like they had turned to be good hunting dogs and the guarantee that you put on the dogs both took away some of the worries that I had about buying a dog.

After only having her for a month I had already been able to teach her to heel and stay until I gave her the command to retrieve the dummy. Obviously this is more of a testament to the dog than the trainer because this was the first dog I've ever trained and she made things very simple. She is so well behaved and mindful and smart. I took her in the blind with us when she was only about 3 months old and at the end of the hunt, one of our hunting buddies seen her and asked where she came from because she was so quiet and calm in the blind he didn't even know she was there. Since then, I've been able to take her out this season to actually hunt for the first time and not just sit in the blind and she performed great. She was a little confused at first as to exactly what she was supposed to do but within a couple of retrieves she was all over them. As soon as she'd see a bird dead on the water she was off to retrieve it for me. After limiting out both days opening weekend, she had plenty of practice and was performing almot as well as our 12 year old seasoned black lab. I haven't started to fully work on casting her yet but she is already catching on that when she looks back to me and I point in a direction that that is where she's supposed to go. I could not be any happier with my dog and am recommending anyone that ask me where to get a dog to you. I have already had so many compliments on her and any time they ask where she's from I'm sure to let them know of your great dogs. Thank you again for such a great dog. 

Cody Willis

P.S. The picture below is of my brother, me and my dad opening weekend with Akitat and our 12 year old black lab.

Akita(Suzie and Mo Pup) fall of 2010

This is about a pup out of YOGI and XENA, This would be a sister to Suzi and Checker-Wrote Spring 2010

Hey, found your website, bought a Female Black lab from you 3 years ago. I named her Izzy and she is a hunter. I will have to email you some pics..She is Beautiful! Probably has retrieved over 200 Birds in 3 years. Got Great Pics. Jeremy


IZZY-Out of Yogi and Xena


Zach and I just wanted to update you on Rooney, our male black lab that we got from you back in March.  Rooney is officially a year old today (1/11) and has grown into a wonderful dog!  Rooney has such a great personality and is a very friendly dog.  He loves the water and the snow and he loves to retrieve anything and everything - especially his frisbee and racquetball!  At a year old and about 75 pounds, he still thinks he is a lap dog and loves to jump up on the couch and lay his head in your lap.  We just wanted to let you know how great of a dog he has been and how much he means to us.  I attached a few pictures of Rooney taken within the past few months.

We also wanted to let you know that we are possibly interested in buying another lab from you.  We were thinking  a chocolate male puppy.  Zach and I were wondering if you will have any litters with chocolates available either in March, April, or May.  If you could let us know of any upcoming litters that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you, 



Libby winning at Dock Jumping

The following is From Nathan wrote Feb 23, 2011; about Libby, a  yellow female out of Checkers and Max. Pictured above Dock Jumping and winning.

Thought I would send a quick update on a pup I got from you in January of 09. I competed Libby in the Dock Dog competition this weekend and she won! She has been hands down the best dog I have ever owned! From retrieving pheasants at 10 months old to her personality and willingness to learn; I would never hesitate to buy another dog from you! Thanks!

I wrote Nathan to ask permission to use his pictures and note and he responded:

Go ahead and use the pictures and note. The competition was in Bismarck, ND. I may compete her in a few more jumps. She did well enough that we will get invited to the nationals this year. She's a heck of a bird dog; I've never taken her out when someone hasn't commented on her drive and athleticism. She literally runs veteran dogs right into the dirt:) Take Care, Nathan

Tigger/Mo Yellow female 11/10


What a fabulous dog! She is so smart. Only had a couple of accidents. Went to the door today and whined to go out. Walked well on a leash and is already learning to sit! Took her to the vet today and looks good. Thank you thank you so much.

Love, The Wilsons

This is about a pup out of Tigger and Mo-piture below

Hello Dee, This is Devin and Chris just emailing you to let you konw that we couldn't be happier with out little boy Pierce. He was a yellow male lab out of your Tigger and Mo litter. Pierce is going on six months old now and he's the smartest little puppy I've ever come across. He has the most wonderful personality and he lover everyone. He's actually watching me write this, right now.

When we brought Piersce home, my father never thought he'd get attached, but since Chris and I are at the farm a lot with Pierce my dad decided he wanted his own puppy, so he bought an Alaskan Malamut and Bloodhound cross. He is a big puppy but Bear and Peirce get along so well. The play non-stop and they've never fought, they sleep together and when they are reunited after a few days apart, you can tell they miss each other. Pierce also loves sleeping on daddy's lap and he absolutely loves car rides, as soon as that door opens, he's in. If he had it his way, he'd be by our side every minute. He loves Chris and I and he really knows who his parents are. He's super smart and you can see the intelligence when you look at himl He knows how to sit, shake and lay down. Anything we teach him, he catches on ASAP. He loves to please us and I've never been so proud of something. He's our pride and joy and we can't thank you enough for him. I'll add some picutres so you can see how big he has gotten. Thanks so   much.

Tigger/Mo pup Spring 2010