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If you'd like to share your story or pictures of dogs you've gotten from me, I'd be glad to add them. Just send them and I'll get them up as soon as I can.  Thanks, Dee

Greg and Homer
Greg and Homer

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I'm including a couple of pictures of myself and Homer.  Simply putting it, Homer is wonderful.  I couldn't have asked for more.  He has surpassed all of my goals for him.  His personality and manners and demeanor are a rave amoung my hunting companions.  They can't beleave a dog that old is so well mannered.  I have used him on doves, pheasants, and alot of duck.  For his age it is a wonder to see.  He does it all; sit, come, stay, lay down, heel, retrieve to hand, soft mouth.  My vet is also impressed.  I have told many about your dogs.  Maybe some business will come your way.  By the time he is 3 or 4 he should be something to behold.  Im so proud of him.  Thanks again Im glad I spent every penny of the coast.  He's worth much more.  Take care and keep producing high quality dogs.  You have my recomendation.  Gregory and Homer from Norfolk, Nebraska.


Dear Denise:
Thinking that you might appreciate hearing from a satisfied customer, you may recall that Kathy and I were at your home on Sunday February 13th, barely two weeks after we had lost our previous lab, Toby, to cancer.  We are delighted to tell you that Daisy has literally been a perfect pet.  She has a sweet disposition and is good with kids, and she learns and minds very well. 

Daisy's true greatness was not knowm, however, until I tried hunting her in South Dakota on October 15th and 16th, when she was only nine-and-a-half months old.  Though I tried to work with her as much as I could, I havd never trained, or even owned, a hunting dog before, So I really had very low expectations.  There were 5 other dogs in the hunting group of 17,  and most were over 5 years old.  Beyond all belief, Daisy outperformed virtually ALL of the other dogs over the two days and made four beautiful retrieves on the second day.  While I did the best I could, I admit that my inexperienced attempt to train Daisy was inadequate.  Therefore, I must and do, attribut her field performance to your breeding program.  For that, you have my sincerest thanks and compliments.

When several of my freinds refused to believe the South Dkaota story,  I decided to try to photograph her in action once the season opened down here.  Eclosed is the result.  In addition, I have been trying to keep track of the number of her retrieves, but lost count at 15.

Feel free to show theses pictures to anyone, but I wish not to broadcast Daisy's wherabouts for fear that she could be stolen.  So please black out my name if you show this to anyone.  Thanks for everything.  Kath and I wish you mcuh continued success.  Bill from Nebraska

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